Limited Edition Bicycle Parrot Playing Cards featuring 200 parrot species from around the world
Limited Edition Bicycle Parrot Playing Cards - Extinct Edition
Some of the full color limited edition playing cards - over 200 parrot species!
White-bellied Caique Joker playing card
Black-headed caique as a Joker playing card
Six macaws featured on the 6 of spades playing card
Sun, Dusky, Jenday & Nanday conures on the 4 of spades playing card
Cuban macaw featured in the Extinct Edition of the Parrot Playing Cards
Moluccan Cockatoo as the Queen of Hearts playing card

Limited Edition Parrot Playing Cards

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Since they are Limited Editions, I don't know if we will be able to purchase more

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2 full-color art decks featuring over 200 parrots from around the world

Gorgeous colors and artwork!

  • Two editions available! Standard or Extinct
  • Bright bold colors on both front AND back! 
  • Spades feature South American parrots
  • Hearts - Australia
  • Clubs - Indonesia & Pacific Islands
  • Diamonds - Africa, mainland Asia & the Philippines (There's a bit of overlap between the Clubs and Diamonds.)
  • Every card has a unique illustration, with 1 to 10 parrots on it, corresponding with the card number.  The courts are illustrated in the classic style with mirrored faces.
  • The extinct edition features not only a custom tuck box and back, but also features 12 recently extinct parrots in the court cards.  In all,  the extinct edition adds 15 unique parrots.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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