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White-bellied Caique Leather Clutch Wallet
White-bellied Caique Leather Clutch Wallet
Partially open hand-tooled, hand-painted leather navy blue pineapple conure women's clutch purse wallet
Interior of blue leather Pineapple conure wallet clutch purse
White-bellied caique approved design for the hand-tooled hand-painted leather clutch

White-bellied Caique Leather Clutch Wallet

Regular price $150.00 USD Sale

Upcoming design - arriving in March !

This is a 'must have' gift for the woman that loves  her White-bellied Caique ! 

  • Made of natural leather, hand-tooled and hand-painted
  • Buttery soft!
  • Available in two base colors! 
  • Optional cross-body strap available!
  • 2 zip pockets & a phone slot 
  • 8 card slots - great for credit and loyalty cards
  • 2 see-thru windows - 1 or both for your fids?
  • Detachable leather wrist strap
  • Mirror and pen holder 
  • Press stud snaps - NOT magnetized so they won't affect your credit cards
  • Closed size - 8.25" wide x 6.25"
  • Custom made by Indonesian artisans
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.   Shipping within U.S.A. included

PLEASE NOTE:  The photos of the Pineapple conure design are pics of the actual finished product. Photos of the WB Caique are mock-ups. The 'partial' pic of the clutch is the approved, hand-tooled, hand-painted design sample.


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