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Cockatoo Pens
Cockatoo Pens
Cockatoo Pens
Cockatoo novelty pen - white with red crest
Sulfur crested cockatoo novelty pen
Cockatoo novelty pen - dark pink with red crest
Cockatoo Gel pen in pink
Cockatoo Gel pens in a variety of colors

Cockatoo Pens

Regular price $4.99 USD $3.00 USD Sale

Need a small, cute gift for your parrot-loving friend?

This could fit the bill - awesome pens with wings and upright crests !

Available in  4 color combinations!  body/crest:, white/yellow, white/dark pink, light pink/pink, darker pink/dark pink

Pen type: Silicone body with gel ink

Ink color:  Black

Length:  approx 7"

Ships from:  U.S.A.

Shipping within U.S.A.:  1 pen is $2.00  2-3 pens is $4.00