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Big Blue and Gold macaw parrots design on a classic kitchen apron
Greenwing and Blue & Gold macaws on a retro-style kitchen apron
Toucans and Blue & Gold macaws on a classic kitchen apron
A pair of Rosella parrots on a classic kitchen aprong
Closer view of the big Blue & Gold macaw parrots apron
Close-up of the material for the parrot-themed kitchen aprons

Parrot-themed Apron

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A beautiful and functional apron for when you're preparing your fids chop!
Also useful when preparing food for your human family!

  • Choose from 4 designs!  1) Blue & Gold macaws, 2) Greenwing macaws, 3) Blue & Gold macaws with Toucans, and 4) Rosella parrots
  • Fits nearly everyone!  22" x 26.5" (56cm x  68cm)
  • Quality, natural fibers!  100% cotton in a larger, looser weave
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Care Instructions: Wash in cool water with other like colored garments