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Caique Hand-painted Batik Clothing

All products on this page ship from Canada Show off your love for these cute and comical parrots!



Black-headed Caique Jacket


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      Caique T-shirt


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      Black-headed Caique hand-painted batik camisole / tank-top

      Caique Camisole/Tank-top


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        White-bellied Caique hand-painted batik dress

        White-bellied Caique Dress

        $135.00U.S. (shipping within North America included)

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        Caique Hand-painted Batik Tank-top and sarong

        Caique Sarong


        Only 3 left in stock! I've switched batikmakers and his style is very different. If you like the gorgeous colors and the simplicity of the design, please order before it's out of stock!

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