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Scarlet Macaw (design in development)

Have a look at our design process!
 Scarlet Macaw hand-painted batik conceptual design

This is the original design developed for our previous business, Beyond Batik Canada.

Our new batik-makers have a different style of painting. Have a look below.

First sample of new Scarlet Macaw hand-painted batik design for our clothing

 Version #1

An excellent start!

I love how they were able to apply shading to the feathers.

However, it needs:

  • brighter / stronger colors
  • the eye, facial mask & beak need refining
Close-up of the Scarlet Macaw face - hand-painted batik design for the clothing line

Version #2

The facial mask looks so much better! He looks like he is blushing!

First sample of the Scarlet Macaw jacket sleeve - hand-painted batik 

First version of the jacket sleeve batik design.

Scarlet macaw hand-painted batik design for the jacket sleeve

The blue is bolder and the 3 center feathers are longer.