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Sun Conure


Sun Conures remind me of sunny, happy days...  Bring some sunshine into your life with this hand-painted batik sarong!

Sun Conure hand-painted batik sarong - red background - used as tablecloth

Sun Conure hand-painted batik sarong - black background


 Whether you are at beach, pool, an elegant evening affair or simply at home, this sarong will perk up your day!

Accessorize your wardrobe or your house. Sarongs are wonderfully useful.

  • Versatile! Wear as a jacket, shrug, scarf, dress or skirt. Decorate your house. Drape it over a table or couch, or hang it!

  • Available in 2 background colors - Black or Red
  • Made of Natural Fibers! 100% first-quality rayon

  • Preshrunk and Generously Sized! 45" x 72" (114cm x 183cm)
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Ships from:  Canada or the U.S. 

For eveningwear or cooler weather, tie the ends of the sarong (on each short end) into a double knot.  Insert one arm into the one 'sleeve', then insert the other.  Voila!  you have a cape style shawl/jacket.


Wrap it around your waist and tuck the corner in and you have yourself a stunning skirt!

Sun Conure hand-painted batik sarong worn as a jacket And here, the sarong has been knotted so it can be worn as a jacket and not fall of your shoulders.

Matching jackets & t-shirts arriving June/July!