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2 CAGS Hand-painted Batik Sarong

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For those of you that have always wanted this gorgeous parrot...

Two beautiful Black Palm Cockatoos form a subtle heart shape!

This eye-catching design is perfect for so many venues!

At the pool or beach or for an evening event!

  •  Versatile! Wear as a jacket or dress, skirt, OR, hang it! 
  • Top and bottom rod pockets!

  • Made of Natural Fibers! 100% first-quality rayon

  • Preshrunk and Generously Sized! 69" x 40" (approx) (175cm x 101cm)
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.   FREE SHIPPING WITHIN U.S.A.

For eveningwear or cooler weather, tie the ends of the sarong (on each short end) into a double knot.  Insert one arm into the one 'sleeve', then insert the other.  Voila!  you have a cape style shawl/jacket.


Wrap it around your waist and tuck the corner in and you have yourself a stunning skirt!

Care Instructions: First time wash separately.  It may release a bit of dye but there will no discernible change in color. Subsequent washings with like-colored clothing. Hang to dry or put in dryer. 

In one photo is my wonderful taxi driver and talented batik-maker.  Others demonstrate various stages of the batik process.

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