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Tropical sulfur-crested cockatoo parrot leggings - front view
Stylish sulphur-crested cockatoo parrot full-length leggings - back view
Cockatoo leggings - a great stocking stuffer or gift for the parrot addict

Cockatoos and Coconuts Leggings

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Our other leggings were so popular we decided to get another design in stock!

Look and feel amazing while you're comfy!

A great addition to your wardrobe!

Some like to use them for exercising, some prefer to lounge around the house and still others use them as pajama bottoms! 

  • Featuring: Sulfur-crested cockatoos
  • Design: On both the front AND back of the leggings
  • Waist: mid-waist
  • Length:  ankle-length - depending how tall you are
  • Printing Method:  3D
  • Buy with Confidence!  We've checked the pants for quality
  • SIZES: These have just arrived so we haven't yet had the chance to check the actual measurements against the manufacturer's size chart. If you'd like to order a pair, please include your measured waist size and we'll double-check them before mailing.
  • Material:  88% Polyester / 12% Spandex

Care Instructions: To keep the colors bright and increase the leggings' longevity, we recommend:

  1. Hand-washing only.  Do not use bleach.  Do not dry-clean.
  2. Dry flat.
  3. If ironing, only on LOW.  But really, who would iron leggings?
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Sizing:  These leggings are cut slim. Please measure yourself before ordering. The labelled sizes are strange...

Hint:  These leggings will be comfy even if the waist has to stretch 2-3 inches to fit you.

    Labelled as: Waist  Stretches comfortably to: Length
    S 24" 27" 35"
    L 26" 29" 37"
    2X 28.5 32" 39.5"
    4X 31" 34" 42"

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