Male (green) and female (red) Eclectus parrots  socks. Perfect for the Christmas season! Great as a socking stuffer or to weird out your friends!

Eclectus Valentine's Socks

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Can you believe it?

Red & green unisex parrot socks!

A nice Valentine's gift !!! 


You'll love stretching out your legs and seeing these fun socks!  

Length: 15.5" - Will fit most women but your foot size will determine how high the socks reach. On average, above the ankle but below mid-calf. PLEASE NOTE: The socks will NOT reach as high as the photo suggests.

ATTENTION: The socks are nice but not super stretchy or luxuriously soft.

The print is designed by Maratus Funk

Material: Polyester/cotton blend

Washing Instructions: Machine washable, but longer-lasting if washed by hand. Hang to dry.                         

Ships from:  U.S.A.