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First batiked sample of the upcoming Toco Toucan handpainted batik tote-style bag. Minor changes to be made. Arriving in November!
Batik design based on the lovely photo by Bernard Dupont.

Toco Toucan Tote-style Batik Bag

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ye-catching Handpainted Batik Tote-style Bag Being Developed!

Arriving in the Spring!

Unique, gorgeous, and practical!

  • Unique! Completely drawn & painted by hand using the wax-resist technique of batik 
  • The left-hand photo shows the first sample! Minor changes will be incorporated into the finished bags
  • Top zipper + one inner pocket
    • Quilted!  With polyester batting to give a 3D effect
    • Batiked onto cotton fabric
    • Fully lined
    • Measurements: Approximately 15.75" across the middle, Slightly wider at the top, and narrower at the bottom. 17" tall. Drop-handle approx 13".

    Photos of the finished product will be uploaded as soon as the bags have been made.