Sun Conures are gorgeous birds and we've tried to capture that in our hand-painted batik tote-style bag! The bird is stretching its left wing while perching, and a yellow sun is on the left-hand top corner.
Discounted Sun Conure Handpainted Shoulder Bag because the fabric was cut or sewn incorrectly. As a result, part of the bird's lower wing and vegetation are on the bottom of the bag.

Sun Conure Tote-style Batik Bag

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25% OFF! A great Mother's Day gift!

An eye-catching design of the stunning Sun Conure parrot! 

Unique, gorgeous, and practical!

You'll love taking this bag with you, wherever you go!

  • Each bag is unique! Completely drawn & painted by hand using the wax-resist technique of batik. Our talented artisans have done an outstanding job with this design! 
  • Two background colors! Black or brown

PLEASE NOTE!!!  The bags offered as "poorly positioned" are discounted because the fabric was incorrectly cut and sewn. The entire design should have been higher up. As a result, part of the bird's lower wing and the leaves are on the bottom of the bag.

  • Top zipper + inside one large zippered pocket - helps keep your belongings safe and secure
  • Batiked onto cotton fabric
  • Liner - polyester
  • Quilted!  With polyester batting to give a 3D effect
  • Measurements: Approximately 15.75" across the middle, Slightly wider at the top, and narrower at the bottom. 17" tall. Drop-handle approx 13".



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