Parrot Addict is a new company but is based on our products and experiences with our previous company, Beyond Batik Canada. Below are some testimonials from Beyond Batik. Reviews for Parrot Addict products are posted on the individual product's web-page.  

Hi!  Just received the gorgeous Caique tank top and sarong!!!  I absolutely love them!  Thanks for everything!  Ev

Hello, I just received the jacket ordered (for my wife), it is beautiful.  Mario

Hello!  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your generous donation of a Black Palm Cockatoo Sarong to the raffle for the annual Northern Illinois Parrot Society seminar.  I helped to set up the raffle the day before, but had to leave a bit early, so I didn't actually see the sarong until I walked into the seminar room on Saturday morning.  I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw that gorgeous batik hanging on the wall!  Fortunately for me, the Universe was tuned in to how much I truly wanted that beautiful piece of art and put my ticket right into the hands of the gentleman picking the winners!

Again, thank you so very, very much for your generous donation, which made it possible for my home to be graced by your beautiful work, where it will be loved and appreciated for many years to come.  - Julie

Hi Desiree.  I received the sarong yesterday, and it's gorgeous!  I want to thank you so much for all your time and effort to pick out the darkest african grey you could find.  I am so thrilled with it, that I have decided it's too nice to use as a table cover, so it will only be used as a sarong <grin>.  – Deb