Parrots Mini-Skirt
Parrots Mini-Skirt
Parrots Mini-Skirt
Parrots Mini-Skirt

Parrots Mini-Skirt

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Do you fit skirts with a 26" waist or smaller?

Do you love parrots? 

Then this skirt is FOR YOU!


Draw everyone's eyes when you wear this body-contouring skirt!

  • Silky smooth material: Offers a stream-lined fit that shows off your gorgeous figure!
  • Fabric: Breathable polyester/spandex blend 
  • Reinforced waist
  • High quality printed design!  Won't run or fade
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Sizing: This is ASIAN SIZING!  IGNORE THE LABEL! We have measured this skirt ourselves. The knit fabric has very little give to it. Also, the waist is double-stitched so it has virtually no give.  PLEASE measure yourself carefully before ordering. We don't want it to be too small for you! AT THE MOST, THE WAIST HAS A 3/4" 'give' - stretch the waist any more and it WON'T be comfortable!

Asian Size Labelled as:  Waist (inches) Length (inches)
M Will advise later this week
L Will advise later this week
XL 26 19




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