Sun Conure handpainted batik duvet cover with blue border
Sun Conure parrot handpainted batik borderless duvet cover
Painting the sky of the hand-painted batik Sun Conure parrot duvet cover.
Handpainted batik pillowcases matching the Sun Conure duvet cover
Sun Conure Batik Duvet Cover
Matching pillowcases for the Sun Conure parrot duvet cover

Sun Conure Batik Duvet Cover

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Retire to tropical beauty every evening!

Relax and sleep peacefully in the gorgeous ambiance of your newly redecorated bedroom!  


  • Unique! Each duvet cover is individually batiked and hand-painted. This means there WILL be variations between each item. 
  • Two matching pillowcases included!!
  • Two styles to choose from! With or without the blue border!
  • Easy opening/closing! Zipper on the bottom
  • Preshrunk! The batik process preshrinks the fabric
  • Made of Natural Fibers! 100% first-quality cotton
  • Queen size (240cm wide x 250cm long) (approx. 94.5" wide x 98.5" long)
  • Ships from:  U.S.A. 
  • Shipping included within the U.S.A.  

Why doesn't the bird have feet or a tail? Well, she does, but they're hidden by the stretching wing. Have a look at the original photo - our artists did a faithful rendering.

Not sure what batik is? Click here to find out.

Care Instructions: First time wash separately.  It may release a bit of dye but there will no discernible change in color. Subsequent washings with like-colored clothing. Hang to dry or put in the dryer. 

About the model:  Poppy loves to cuddle and kiss. She likes to say, "kiss up" and "pretty girl". She celebrated her 4th hatchday in October 2020.

Poppy's unique traits:  If a stranger comes into their yard she will scream until someone gets up to see who it is and tells her it's OK.  When she takes a nap, she must crawl under a blanket with you.
Poppy's favorite food:  Green apples and pecans are her favorite treats!

 Design based on a photo courtesy of:  Chris Julian 


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