This versatile mug has a red interior and red handle. The design printed on the mug is two red-tipped African Grey parrot feathers set against a black background. What makes this design unique is real CAG feathers were the model for the handpainted batik design incorporated into our clothing products. The batik design was photographed to create this stunning mug.
Front view of the African Grey Feathers Mug.  The feathers gracefully point upwards in opposite directions.
African Grey Parrot Feathers Mug. The handle is red and on the left (in this photo), the mug's interior is a bright red and the grey feather, tipped with red at the top,  lays diagonally towards the handle on a black background. The is a vertical white stripe separating the mug's design from the handle. You can clearly see the batik lines and handpainted shadings that the print is copied from.
This tea or coffee mug features a red handle and red interior, perfectly complementing the  red-tipped African Grey feathers! The design is a printed copy of the handpainted batik CAG feather design found on Parrot Addict's clothing and accessory lines.
The African Grey Feather Mug is set on a breakfast tray along with bowls of granola, apple slices, and juice.  Photo sent by Gwen R., a very happy customer!

African Grey Coffee Mug, 11oz

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We've taken our handpainted batik CAG feather design and printed it on a coffee mug!


With the red interior and comfortable red C-Handle, your mug will be almost as unique as your bird!

Or gift it to the African Grey lover in your life - they'll love you for it!

Our first customer said,

"It is beautiful! I love it! I will put it on display!"

  • White ceramic with colored interior and handle
  • C-handle
  • Eye-catching color contrast
  • Lead and BPA-free
  • Microwave safe!
  • Dishwasher safe! Clean in the dishwasher or wash by hand with warm water and dish soap.
Height 3.78 in.
Diameter 3.23 in.
Width (including handle) 4.75 in.