An assortment of differently colored birdie bagels - a great enrichment toy for the medium-sized parrot.

Birdie Bagels

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Provide medium parrots with the psychological enrichment often not available in the life of a captive parrot


What are birdie bagels? They are pressed cardboard rings that your bird will spend hours (or minutes) tearing layer after layer until it is all shredded.

Size - 2 3/4" outside diameter x 1/2" (approx.) wide

Versatile! Excellent as a foot toy or incorporate into your toy-making

Being a perch potato isn't good for your bird - either psychologically or physically. The best toys are destroyed quickly. Bagels can be hung onto a perch, tied with string and hung in the cage, played with as a foot toy, or be creative!

  • Great for feather pluckers and destructive birds!