Handpainted batik sarong of roses! A single rose adorns each corner of the pareo. In the center, three red rose bouquets. A beautiful addition to your wardrobe or gift for the rose lover.
Stunning and eyecatching handpainted batik yellow roses sarong. A single rose has been batiked and painted by hand in each corner of the pareo. In the center, 3 bouquets  with greenery highlight this wardrobe accessory.
A thoughtful and memorable gift for the lavender rose lover. Each corner of the pareo has a handpainted batik lavender rose. In the centre,  three bouquets of lavender roses complete the design.

Rose Bouquets Handpainted Batik Sarong

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A great Mother's Day or birthday gift!

Timeless elegance meets artistry!

You'll love these captivating bouquets of roses. Crafted by skilled artisans, this exquisite piece effortlessly elevates your style, whether by the beach or at special events. Embrace the beauty of art and nature fused into a stunning fashion statement!

Accessorize your wardrobe or your house. Sarongs are wonderfully adaptable!

  • Versatile! Wear as a jacket, shrug, scarf, dress, or skirt. Decorate your house. Drape it over a table or couch, or hang it!

  • Made of Natural Fibers! 100% first-quality rayon
  • Preshrunk and Generously Sized! 72"w x 45"h (approx) (182cmx 114cm)
  • Ships from:  U.S.  
  • Care Instructions: First time wash separately.  It may release a bit of dye but there will be no discernible change in color. Subsequent washings with like-colored clothing. Hang to dry or put in the dryer. 

Do you know we have matching shoulder bags?  

Suggestion - For eveningwear or cooler weather, tie the ends of the sarong (on each short end) into a double knot.  Insert one arm into the one 'sleeve', then insert the other.  Voila!  You have a cape-style shawl/jacket.


Wrap it around your waist and tuck the corner in and you have yourself a stunning skirt!

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