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Blue & Gold Macaw Parrot Printed Sarong with Fringes

Blue & Gold Macaw Printed Sarong

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Set against a background of its gorgeous feathers!

Sarongs are the original multi-use garment!

You can wear them as a shawl, jacket, dress or skirt.

They're good for home decor also!


  • Fringes: on both short sides
  • Made of Natural Fibers! 100% first quality rayon
  • Size:  68" x 48"
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Made in Indonesia
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Care Instructions:  Hand wash cold, dry flat.

How to tie the sarong as a jacket

  1. Holding the sarong horizontally, take the 2 right-hand corners. 
  2. Tie a double-knot close to the two corners.
  3. Take the 2 left-hand corners and tie a double-know close to the corners.
  4. Open up the sarong and slip one arm through the resultant hole.
  5. Pass the sarong behind your back and place your other arm through the other hole.
Voila!  You have a sleeved jacket that won't slip off your shoulders! 



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