Stunning Quaker parrot (Monk parakeet) unisex socks. The  parrots are in various positions and the pattern repeats. With black heels and toes.
Beautiful repeating pattern of the upper half of male Eclectus parrots. With black reinforced toes and heels. Great for the holiday season or a gift!
Unisex socks of a repeating pattern of the heads and upper bodies of lutino peachface lovebirds. Reinforced black heels and toes.
Unisex socks of a repeating pattern of normal (grey) and lutino cockatiels.  Both females and males are featured. Reinforced toes and heels in black.
Stunning Sun Conure unisex socks! Several face & upper body poses make up the repeating pattern. With black reinforced toes and heels.

Assorted Parrot Socks

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A nice gift for the parrot lover in your life!  

Length: 15.5" - Will fit most women but your foot size will determine how high the socks reach. On average, above the ankle but below mid-calf. PLEASE NOTE: The socks will NOT reach as high as the photos suggest.

ATTENTION: The socks are nice but not super stretchy or luxuriously soft.

The print is designed by Maratus Funk

Material: Polyester/cotton blend

Washing Instructions: Machine washable, but longer-lasting if washed by hand. Hang to dry.                         

Ships from:  U.S.A. 

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