Sulfur-crested cockatoo parrot bell-bottom leggings
Back view of the Sulfur-crested cockatoo parrot bell-bottom leggings
Closer view of the Sulfur-crested cockatoo parrot bell-bottom leggings
Cockatoo Bell-bottom Leggings

Cockatoo Bell-bottom Leggings

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Retro yet modern!

Have fun and feel sexy in these cool Sulfur-crested bell-bottom leggings!

A great addition to your wardrobe!

Some like to use these for exercising or going out shopping, some prefer to lounge around the house, and still others use them as pajama bottoms! 


  • Featuring: Sulfur-crested cockatoos
  • Design: On both the front AND back of the leggings
  • Waist: Fit approximately at the mid-waist. The waistband is generously wide and stretchy. These will stretch a fair bit and still be comfy!
  • Hems: Being a knit material, the bottoms have not been hemmed because they won't fray. Depending on your height and personal preferences, you may want to leave them 'as is', trim them, or hem them.
  • Buy with Confidence!  We've checked the pants for quality and have measured each so you know it will fit properly.
  • Material:  88% Polyester / 12% Spandex - very stretchy but doesn't become transparent when stretched.  Fabric is similar to a jersey material.

Care Instructions: To keep the colors bright and increase the leggings' longevity, we recommend:

  1. Hand-washing only.  Do not use bleach.  Do not dry-clean.
  2. Dry flat.
  3. If ironing, only on LOW.  But really, who would iron leggings?
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Sizing:  These leggings are cut slim. Please measure yourself before ordering. The labeled sizes are strange...

Hint:  These leggings will be comfy and have a really nice stretch without the fabric becoming see-thru. 

    Labeled as: Waist  Stretches comfortably to: Length From crotch to bottom
    XL 25" 31" 43.5 32"
    2X 26" 34" 43.5" 31.5"
    3X 28.5" 34" 45" 33"