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Sun conures, rainbow lory and greenwing macaws on a pretty blue scarf. Great gift idea for the parrot lover!
Rainbow lories, sun conures & greenwing macaws adorn this pretty scarf with a red background. A great gift for parrot people!
Sun conures, greenwing macaws and rainbow lories on this pretty bandana!

Fun Parrot Scarf

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 Lories, Conures & Macaws!!!  Oh my!

Specifically - Sun Conures, Rainbow Lories & Greenwing Macaws


Looking for a special gift for your crazy parrot friend? Have a closer look...

  • A variety of parrots featured!
  • 2 background colors to choose from: Blue or Red
  • 2 sizes available:  Small: (bandana size) 53cmx53cm (20"x20")  Medium: 90cmx90cm (35"x35")
  • Material:  lightweight polyester 
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
    • Care Instructions: Hand wash only in cool or lukwarm water - not over 30C (86F)



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