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Leadbeater Cockatoo & Rosella parrots on stretch Capri pants / leggings

Leadbeater Cockatoo and Rosella Parrots Capri Leggings

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These were hugely popular at the LIPS Parrot Expo!

Feel amazing and comfy with these all-purpose leggings!

Great for exercising, walking, going to bird events, lounging around the house and as pajama bottoms! 

Gorgeous Major Mitchell's cockatoos, rosellas, toucans, birds of paradise & more!

  • Design: On both the front AND back of the leggings
  • Material:  88% Polyester / 12% Spandex - a customer described the material as a knit that is typically used in exercise clothing - shiny and slick
  • Waist: mid-waist
  • Buy with Confidence!  We've checked the pants for quality and have measured each so you know it will fit properly.
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Sizing:  These leggings are cut slim. Please measure yourself before ordering. The labeled sizes are strange...  In the size chart, if the field is blank it is because they just arrived and we haven't measured them yet.
  • Hint:  These are quite stretchy - we recommend you choose a size that is at least 2-3" smaller than your waist.
  • Example:  A woman with a 35" waist but with slim hips would comfortably wear a size L.

    Labelled as: Waist  Stretches comfortably to: Inseam
    S 25" 30" 15"
    L 28" 36" 15"
    XL 29" 36" 15"
    2X 30" 37" 16"
    4X 34" 40" 16.5"