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Leadbeater Cockatoo & Rosella parrots on stretch Capri pants / leggings
Tropical parrots and birds exercise yoga capri pants leggings

Leadbeater Cockatoo and Rosella Parrots Capri Leggings

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These were hugely popular at the LIPS Parrot Expo!

Feel amazing and comfy with these all-purpose leggings!

Great for exercising, walking, going to bird events, lounging around the house and as pajama bottoms! 

Gorgeous Major Mitchell's cockatoos, rosellas, toucans, birds of paradise & more!

  • Design: On both the front AND back of the leggings
  • Material:  88% Polyester / 12% Spandex - a customer described the material as a knit that is typically used in exercise clothing - shiny and slick
  • Waist: mid-waist
  • Buy with Confidence!  We've checked the pants for quality and have measured each so you know it will fit properly.
  • Ships from:  U.S.A.
  • Sizing:  These leggings are cut slim. Please measure yourself before ordering. The labeled sizes are strange...  
  • Hint:  These are quite stretchy - we recommend you choose a size that is at least 2-3" smaller than your waist.
  • Example:  A woman with a 35" waist but with slim hips would comfortably wear a size L.

    Labelled as: Waist  Stretches comfortably to: Inseam
    S 25" 30" 15"
    L 28" 36" 15"
    XL 29" 36" 15"
    2X 30" 37" 16"
    4X 34" 40" 16.5"