A eye-catching hand-painted batik tote-style bag featuring a Rainbow Lory set against a rainbow hue of colors.
Back of the Rainbow Lory handpainted batik tote-style bag
The design for the hand-painted batik Rainbow Lory bag is based on this original photo by Benjamin Twist. Used with his permission.

Rainbow Lory Tote-style Batik Bag

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Eye-catching Handpainted Batik Rainbow Lory Tote-style Bag!

Perk up your mood with this beautifully detailed bag!

  • Brightly colored! Batiked on both sides of the bag!
  • Top zipper + one inner pocket
  • Quilted!  With polyester batting to give a 3D effect
  • Fully lined
  • Measurements: Approximately 15.75" across the middle, Slightly wider at the top, and narrower at the bottom. 17" tall. Drop-handle approx 13".

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Design based on an original photo by Benjamin Twist.